I absolutely broke down when, in the news, this dear little boy who couldn’t have been older than five, told us that his daddy would always be in his heart. An adult, wanting to comfort him must have told him that and thankfully he’s still of an age that believes. His mother said she was grateful to have had the chance to know and love her high school sweetheart as long as she has.

All those lives disrupted. All those people dead before their time; all those people grieving; all those people living in fear. There’s a lot said about the economy and the horrendous price future generations will be forced to pay. But how can you count the cost of human life and how will that affect future generations? That’s the worry.

I truly hope that at the other end of this nightmare, the Chinese government will not be let off, but will be made to answer the hard questions. I truly hope that it’s not going to be a matter of business as usual and nothing to see here. I truly hope that we no longer rely on cheaper products because they are made by underpaid workers. I truly hope we regain our sovereignty and not allow outsiders who don’t have our interests at heart to tell us what’s right or wrong.

I’ve taught my children and grandchildren that swearing is not communication, so don’t tell them I said this – but I’m pissed off.

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