There are hordes of amateur bakers sharing virtual loaves of bread with their loyal readers. Virtually the best way to go about it because we can enjoy the results vicariously and no calories are harmed in the process. (Bread is my downfall.)  And then there’s the whingey, whiney ‘are we there yet’ kind.’ Me. I’d like to delete that previous post, but I’m leaving it as a reminder to myself To tone down the opinions and leave personalities out of my writing.

For that reason I’ve decided to shame myself and my temper and share an extremely positive take on isolation:

Picture this. Family friends and their primary school aged children shaking  the morning cobwebs away with a set of cardio exercises, followed up with half an hour of meditation, then breakfast.  Children exercising the grey cells by reading, writing and drawing, Screen time contact in the afternoon with friends for a virtual chat, then a short bike ride before dinner. Board games after dinner. Smashing dad in chess

That’s taught me. I’m off for a bit of smiling minds.


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