Even before COVID I’d look out for made in Australia products and buy when I could. Not an easy task. I’ve been buying Decor plastic containers from Kmart recently. 

Decor’s products have suddenly been replaced on Kmart’s shelves  by a product called Anko, made in China. When I asked about it in store I was told that Decor couldn’t keep up with production. When I wrote to Decor, I was told that their product ‘is not ranged at Kmart as an ongoing line’  but was made on special order 

Anko products are ‘designed and sourced’ by Kmart, says Kmart. Whenever I  read ‘designed and sourced’  I know it’s code for made elsewhere.  It is Kmart’s call, but I would have thought that it  could have given an Australian company a leg up. We’re particularly short of Australian companies here. In these disastrous times, I should think  it’s time and about time that we’ve woken up to the fact that almost everything we buy is imported.  Decor is a good product and the ones I’ve bought have been BPA free.  I’m told I can buy them at Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Spotlight, IGA and Howards Storage World. 

Don’t know what readers want to do with this, or if you want to do anything with this, but I thought I’d rather write this post than send an angry letter to Kmart. If I got a response, it’s likely to be a meaningless form letter.

14 thoughts on “Made in Australia

  1. Thanks for posting about Kmart and decor
    We have a Chinese invasion. It’s been going on for decades. These big companies have no allegiance to small business in Australia. I am trying to boycott the Chinese products and the stores that sponsor them
    I found ‘quadrant ‘made in Australia plastic container in a ‘$2’ shop and l bought from op shop. There are ways to wean ourselves from mega stores and their love for Chinese cheap slave Labor products

    • I suspect more of us would do the same if only we had the chance but now that I’m really looking around, it seems impossible to find something Australian made. 🤭

  2. Thank you for turning the spotlight on this. I have always been “interested” in buying Australian, but in recent months have put more energy into the shopping experience, discovering, for example, that the Aldi salt container, that looks for all the world like their version of Saxa salt, is actually coming from Pakistan!

    • Have to watch out for those sneaky strategies, Gwen. Trouble is that it’s exhausting. I’d be happy to pay more for Australian products if only I can find an Australian product and if only companies (like Kmart) could get their priorities straight.

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