It’s not the meek, but the idiots who have inherited the earth.


On May 19, 2020 I was in Raymond Terrace, NSW. This Autumn day was mild, sunny and summer like hazy. I had a few minutes before an appointment and took these images just a few paces from where I parked.

To my right, a bridge. Straight ahead, a hazy rural scene. To my left, a conversation. Maybe only the seating was convenient, but I wondered if this was a good example of safely talking with a friend. It looked the part.

Fitzgerald Bridge, Seaham Rd – Raymond Terrace

Looking N/West across Hunter River from Raymond Terrace

Social Distancing, Raymond Terrace

On July 7, I was again at Raymond Terrace, same area. No handy spots this time but found one a short walk away, beside the river/park.

Again, it was a fine, warm Autumn day. It was clear that more people were out and about with the easing of COVID-19 lockdown…

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