Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews, (known to some as Chairman Dan, and others as Teflon Dan) has declared a state of emergency.  Scary. I looked it up and the definition is ‘a situation of national danger or disaster in which a government suspends normal constitutional procedures in order to regain control.’  It has been extended six times right up to the legal limit.. Dan Andrews says he wants to extend it by a further 12 months – ‘and potentially longer.’ That is, unless there’s a vaccine before the 12 months are up.   But the implication is, that once he has those powers, there may be no limit.)

There’s no mention of suspending curfew, vague and unconvincing talk of opening up small business. Shops that were open during stage 3 don’t have a hope of surviving. Some have already closed down. With job keeper ending soon, so many more people will be out of work.  I don’t know what making a ‘minor change to the Public Health and Wellbeing Act’ means. I suspect it doesn’t bode well. I’ve  heard Dan Andrews say that we can go to stage 5 (whatever scary thing that might mean), if it is deemed necessary. Extending a state of emergency will give him the power to do it and more. 

I’m considering that there is currently a six month limit to State of Emergency Powers and how hard it’s going be to get politicians of whatever stripe to change that legislation back.  Interesting times.

7 thoughts on “State of Emergency

    • We’ve been let off the leash as of midnight last night. Still many restrictions and Andrews tells us that if we don’t do the right thing (code for behave ourselves) we could be back in lockdown. 😉

    • We’re already being prepared to have our children and grandchildren to shoulder the financial burden, Bruce. Funny, but it’s generally Labor that overspends and finds itself in debt, then Liberals will put things back in the black. Last time it took ten years. 🙂

      • I go along with that Mary despite the fact that Libs tax hard to do it. I’d rather have money in the bank than see it go on stupid schemes like the Pink Batts in GFC times. This time is somewhat extraordinary though isn’t it?

      • Labours baby indeed. Somehow, the whole political scene on both parties went into turmoil after that. Try not to worry too much Mary and I’ll maybe persist with chopsticks and Elise.

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